The rise in internet speed, availability, cloud computing and cloud collaboration tools has led to a growing workforce of mobile workers. Ironically, the need to work in an office has declined, but most people's work is more difficult.

Laptops are losing traditional ports as they get lighter and thinner. Laptops are so powerful that the bottleneck isn't power, but what external devices you need to make the most of it.

Why use a docking station instead? We want our laptops to be lighter and more portable, but not sacrifice productivity. Modern workers can have the best of both worlds with docking stations. To order high-quality USB-C docking hub online, browse over to reliable sites.

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An employee may be provided with a laptop and a desk, along with a docking station. This is a common situation. There are at least one (often more) external monitors. Ethernet allows for faster and more reliable connections. Multiple USB ports allow for external storage devices to be connected. A full-sized keyboard, mouse, and keyboard are also available.

This may be sufficient for workers who rarely travel or work from home. Other workers may have a similar setup at home, or use a dock/hub to connect on the move.

Many industries have sprung up to support the mobile worker. Mobile workers can drop by to use external monitors or other connections made possible by docking stations.

Many offices have adopted the "hot desk" concept, where employees can work wherever they choose. Many of these use docking stations. This is largely due to Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C, but let's first look at the origins of docking stations.

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