You can pay for routine air conditioning maintenance on a regular basis, or pay a premium when a major repair is needed- the choice is yours. Regular AC repair and maintenance will save you money in the long run and ensure the unit is in good working order when you need it most.

Without proper maintenance, AC modules lose about five percent of their efficiency per year of use. You can regain most of the lost efficiency through regular adjustments and proper maintenance practices. In case of an emergency, you can also call a professional for 24-hour air conditioning repair services.

Studies show that with regular maintenance, cooling systems can maintain up to 95 percent of their efficiency from the start. This means that annual adjustments will quickly translate into financial savings on your electricity bill and reduce major costs of future AC repairs.

When your cooling system is working as it should and properly maintained by a qualified professional, it will do a great job of keeping your home comfortable when temperatures rise. It will also do a great job of drying your home.

A service check of the refrigeration equipment in your home includes cleaning the coils of the condenser unit. It also includes the compressor booster which is checked. The technician lubricates the fan motor and checks that all belts are properly adjusted. He also checks the operating pressure and temperature of the systems to make sure they meet the manufacturer's specifications.