How will it affect the child when you make them stop sucking their thumb? I mean they suck their thumbs for comfort so what do you do to keep them from being emotionally hurt?

In today’s society, thumbsucking is often met with negative connotations. If you’re a parent you’ve probably recognized the benefits of thumb sucking, and are wondering if the pros outweigh the cons. For babies, sucking is a big source of comfort and security, but there is an age when it should stop.If you want to buy thumb sucking devices such as thumb sucking guard etc, then you can visit this site

The act of non-nutritive sucking is not the only natural, it’s instinctual. Thumbsucking is especially common in babies having ages up to two years old – in fact, 20% of babies suck their thumb up to their first birthday. One of the benefits of thumb sucking is that its rhythmic pattern creates a calming effect. Because of this, some consider digit sucking to be a child’s first demonstration of both independence and intelligence.

Still, you must know when to quit the habit. If, however, they continue non-nutritive sucking past 3 years of age, the AAPD recommends that parents step in to help break this habit. Take the Thumb and Finger Sucking Test to find out if you’re ready to quit.