Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine, only from side to side, other than from the top to the bottom of a person's back. This condition begins, usually in the chest or mid-back, in infancy as the child develops. 

When doctors examine a child, they often find physical abnormalities, such as an uneven shoulder or thigh, or protruding ribs. An X-ray is usually taken to confirm and treatment options are considered depending on the curvature. Scoliosis & spine correction clinic in Singapore will help you to treat scoliosis back pain.

Although the curvature of most patients with scoliosis can be controlled beyond 45 to 50 degrees, scoliosis surgery is necessary. If the curvature is 25 to 40 degrees, a splint can be used, and with proper use, almost all patients will be successful.

Reducing the curvature and preventing further development of the curvature are the main goals of scoliosis surgery. The curve can become very extreme as it progresses, resulting in damage and disruption of the cardiopulmonary system. Scoliosis can also cause pain in adults later in life and may require scoliosis surgery.

The operation takes about six hours and is expected to be performed in the supine (back) position. A long incision along the spine allows the surgeon to pull muscles to reach the spine. The rods and screws are placed in appropriate positions and then bone powder from the patient's thigh is added to facilitate fusion of the existing bone with the rods.

Patients can expect to stay in the hospital for at least six days to allow for proper healing after scoliosis surgery.