You probably bought a caravan to be able to travel anywhere and spend the night in style, without spending a lot of money. You would normally have to depend on caravan parks for electricity. 

This means you will need to plan every detail of your trip. You will usually have to pay an additional fee for electricity when you book a caravan park with power. You can also install caravan via

Imagine being able to travel independently and still have power at all times. Most RVs, especially newer models, will charge your batteries while you're on the road. But what happens when you get to stop? You are in complete control of your experience with caravan solar systems. 

You can stop wherever you like knowing that you have plenty of power. You can save money even if you decide to stay at a caravan site.

You have more freedom when you don't rely on mains electricity. You can explore the county further, visit places you might not normally be able to and enjoy stunning settings surrounded by natural beauty.

Your batteries will always be charged with caravan solar. It is not a good idea to decide to camp in one spot for a while and then when the battery isn't charged, the power goes out. You can forget about all the perishables that you have in your fridge.