If you want to buy a split system then first, you need to determine the size of your device so as not to be disappointed. You will save even more money by buying the best split system air conditioner in Melbourne.

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The main elements that determine the size of your split air conditioner are the area of the room, the number of people living in the room, solar windows, shaded windows, doors and the main heat generator in the room, i.e. kitchen utensils. Let's see how the formula works.

The basic formula is: – Unless you do something else, remember that "a ton" or 12,000 BTU/hr of air conditioning will cool 400 square feet of normal altitude. The BTU is the cooling capacity of the mini-split system listed in brochures, online and in the box. BTU stands for British Thermal Block.

Additional formula supplement:- If the room you are chilling has a device that generates heat, add 4000 BTU to the total. It shows a full-size kitchen with a fridge, stove and oven.

If you have solar windows, add 1000 BTUs to the total estimate for every 10 square feet of the solar window.

If you have windows in the shade, add 500 BTU for every 10 square feet of the window shade.

Add 1000 BTU for each door, resulting in unconditioned space. Finally, for each person over two who regularly uses places, add 1000 BTU to the formula.

When you put all the components together, you can get an estimate of the performance of the mini-split module. You will need to cool the room properly, but keep it small and cheaper at the same time.