Nowadays, for most people who are celebrating a special occasion, it is most enjoyable when it takes place outdoors. It's a magical experience, you can look out over the horizon when the sun goes down while feeling the cold breeze blowing across our faces. But, we must be realistic and take into consideration the factors that could influence the success of the event. 

One of them is the weather. It is difficult to tell whether it's going to rain or shine, but sometimes conditions can prove extremely persistent, particularly when there's an event. Due to this, most event planners seek out tent rental companies who can supply large and stylish tents that can help to keep the event going the weather turns rainy or the sun gets too hot for attendees to bear. 

There is a variety of types of tents suitable for various events that guests can pick from. If you're organizing an event. Here are some kinds of tents that you can consider during tent rental selection for your next event.

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For smaller weddings, the high-peaked frame tents are a great option. They are available in three sizes (10' 15, 15' and 20 inches wide). They look stunning on the inside as well as out, so they are visually appealing to guests who will be attending the celebration.

If you're looking for bay area tents that are adjustable, you can choose frames that are traditional or clearspan structures. They can be adjusted by their elevation. If you'd like to make the occasion seem more intimate, you could lower the height of the tent. However, If you wish to make the space appear bigger, you can make the tent higher.

However, If you're looking to save money, you must search for tent rental with classic pole tents. They can be easily put up and feature poles that are inside. But, if the occasion is an event like a wedding, it's better not to go with this since some venues do not have clear views for the guests, which could cause a lot of frustration.