Historically people have burnt dried plants, woods and incense in rituals to create smoke for cleansing and medicinal purposes. Indigenous Americans used a technique called the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing, which we have now come to know as Smudging.

Healing plants like sage, or wood such as are burnt, and when the flame is extinguished they produce smoke which can be gently wafted around to cleanse and purify yourself and your environment. This technique is in practice until now. If you want to buy smudge sticks online, you can refer to https://www.shopremy.com/smudging

smudge sticks

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What Does The Smoke From A Smudge Stick Do?

In traditional cultures the healing smoke was used to create a bridge to the higher realms and connect us with the spirit world and unseen forces of nature. The smoke from smudging is medicinal; it purifies the air while clearing emotional negativity and helps us to create the right environment to bring what we desire into our lives.

Does Smudging Actually Work?

Ancient art forms such as smudging are often overlooked by people today as nonsensical, but if you’re not already a convert to smudging, you may be surprised to know that science is beginning to show there are health benefits in using medicinal smoke. In one study there was a 94% reduction of bacteria an hour after treating a room with the smoke from a mixture of woods and medicinal dried herbs.

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