Acupuncture, a traditional treatment method, dates back to the Stone Age of China. Although acupuncture may not be able to cure cancer, it is still an effective treatment option.

Many oncologists actually recommend acupuncture to their patients prior and during chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Acupuncture treatments were also recommended to relieve or eliminate pain and reduce nausea. If you’re looking to get acupuncture in Florida cancer center locations then visit

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Cancer can be defined as a broad term that includes more than 300 diseases. It can affect every part of the body. A healthy lifestyle and good choices are the best defense against cancer. However, even the most healthy lifestyle can not guarantee that you will be protected from some type of cancer.

Early detection of cancer is the second line of defense. The greater chance of curing cancer is if it is detected early. There are many options for cancer treatments, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Combinations of all three options are very common. This is where acupuncture comes into play. Acupuncture can be a great help for patients with cancer.

After surgery, acupuncture can reduce the pain. This is a topic that has been discussed extensively in medical circles. Patients undergoing cancer surgery may find that acupuncture can help reduce their pain and relieve them of the need to take painkillers. Acupuncture can be used to replace anesthesia.

To relieve nausea often caused by chemotherapy, acupuncture is also used frequently. Patients undergoing chemotherapy are most likely to experience nausea. To reduce or eliminate nausea from chemotherapy treatment, acupuncture is used frequently and very effectively.