Some of the additional services a professional moving company may encounter are additional shipping or collection. Usually, moving companies allow free pickup and free delivery which is included in the price you pay to move. If these movers need extra stops to collect your belongings, they may charge extra for this service. What costs depend on the distance you have to travel to reach the item and the weight of the item. 

Another service a professional moving company such as may charge is loading and moving bulky items. Large items are usually light for the space they take up on a moving truck. In general, to cover the cost of lost space that cannot be overfilled with other items, you will incur a large fee for that item. Sometimes a weight supplement will be added to the net weight of your shipment based on the length of the item. 

Types of Services Provided by Professional Removalists - Better Removalists Gold Coast

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If you need to use the elevator, or stairs to complete the collection or delivery of your items, additional fees will apply. This is calculated based on the location of the elevator in relation to your final destination. In terms of the number of stairs and whether internal or external then they also charge you extra for having to park a few steps from your location to pick it up or deliver it. 

Sometimes moving companies have working hours during which they will move your goods outside of the normal movement. If you ask them to provide their service before or after a certain time, they may charge overtime compared to normal hourly rates.