It’s no secret that we are in a candidate-short employment market. Globally, employers are reporting significant difficulty finding the talent for their most crucial openings.

How does the candidate experience factor in this recruiting reality? For one thing, great candidates don’t have to sit around and wait through a slow and disorganized hiring process. If you want to learn hiring manager tips refer to

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For another, they have access to more information than ever about potential employers and have become more consumer-like in their behaviour. This also means that even if your client is really well-known and a desirable place to work, your candidates may not accept offers if they’ve had an unpleasant experience during the hiring process.

To improve the candidate experience, job seekers offered these suggestions:

  • 34% would like more communications
  • 28% would like a notification when they will NOT be receiving an offer
  • 14% want more human interaction

There is also a disconnect between recruiters and employers. Eighty per cent of recruiters reporting that they understand the roles for which they are recruiting, but 60% of hiring managers disagree with that statement.

While some recruiters may be submitting candidates who have not been properly qualified, I believe there is also a good chance that employers are not exactly sure what they are looking for. Clearly, there is room for improvement on both sides.