Stormwater management is a process or measure of stormwater quantity and quality management. These include structural and constructive control facilities and systems (eg water tanks) for dealing with contaminated rainwater as well as functional or procedural processes. Stormwater management is critical, especially in urban areas where stormwater runoff is a challenge. You can also avail the benefits of reliable blocked stormwater drain cleaning services.

Rainwater is not just water that comes from rain or thunderstorms. This term includes all rainwater, including snowfall and runoff. Rainwater is a problem for several reasons. The first reason is related to the amount and time of water discharge, the second is related to the possibility of water pollution.

Unlike loose soil or sand, impermeable areas such as parking lots, roads, houses, and compacted soil do not allow rain to seep into the soil. As a result, urban and metropolitan areas can generate more wastewater than suburban or forested areas.

Rainwater management studies show that additional runoff can erode watercourses such as rivers and streams and cause flooding when the rainwater collection process is overrun by additional runoff. If not managed effectively, runoff from heavy or sustained rains can cause significant damage to lives and property.

Dirty runoff can be caused by pollutants entering surface water when it rains. It's not as common as you think. Routine human activities deposit pollutants on roads, lawns, roofs, farm fields, and other surfaces. They congregate in waterways and end up in large numbers in rivers, wetlands, and oceans,