Patients with cancer and oncologists are open to all suggestions and ideas for how they can be better treated. These caregivers and doctors see the daily suffering and pain caused by cancer.

Meditation therapy can be used as a complementary therapy for patients with cancer. There are many types of meditation. A professional spiritual life coach at can help you assist in the right ways of meditation along with your therapy.

mindfulness can lower your cancer risk

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Mantra meditation is a very popular type of meditation. Mantra meditation is a form of meditation that involves repeating a phrase or word (mantra) repeatedly, either silently or loudly. Mindfulness meditation is another type of meditation. 

Mindfulness meditation is a way to observe sensations, perceptions, and thoughts as they occur. Other types of meditation focus attention by visualizing or walking.

Many cancer patients use meditation in combination with complementary therapies such as massage therapy, biofeedback therapy, and hypnosis therapy. Meditation is not a cure. It is a treatment that is used in combination with other cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy.

Although there are many ways to meditate, the basic principle of meditation is the same. Start by finding a quiet spot without distractions. Sit or lie down quietly, your eyes closed. Pay attention to your breath and other sensations. These sensations are what you notice and you can let go of any thoughts that might be distracting.