Pear-shaped diamonds are the most valuable type of diamond, due to their increased rarity and their exceptional beauty. A pear-shaped diamond is typically defined by its height, width and depth, but can also have slight indentations on the surface. 

Pear-shaped diamonds are often more brilliant than other diamond shapes, meaning they exhibit more fire and sparkle. They may also be more difficult to find and are therefore more expensive. You can hop over to this website to buy pear shaped diamond wedding rings at a a very affordable price. 

Pear-shaped diamonds are rare, but their popularity is on the rise. They're unusual because they have a curved shape instead of a traditional diamond shape. This makes them more likely to be cut into smaller pieces and sold for a higher price. 

Why are pear-shaped diamonds valuable? 

Their curved shape makes them more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional diamond. Additionally, their rarity means they're more likely to be cut into smaller pieces and sell for a higher price.

When diamond cutters start cutting a diamond, they first make the bottom of the diamond. They then make an "up-cut" or "hollow" in the top of the diamond, which will hold the larger diamonds while they are being cut. The cutter then makes a series of cuts on the bottom of the up-cut diamond so that it breaks away into smaller pieces. Diamonds are measured by carat weight, and a "pear-shaped" diamond has 0.40 carats or 40% of a total diamond weight.