There are some letters in Scrabble that are quite difficult to learn which is why the Q letter is among the most difficult. Q is among the most infrequently used letters that are used in the English language. 

The majority of the words you can create with Q need you to possess the letter U. This article will take a look at the possibilities that you can use to create a Q-word when U isn't in the picture. You can also learn Tips & Tricks to Descramble Words via various sites.

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For starters, many experts advise you to eliminate your Q tile as soon as you can. To help you do this there's the two-letter Q word that is legal scrabble word: QI. 

It is one of the most important words found in the Scrabble dictionary because it gives the option to eliminate the Q tile at the beginning of the game, and also has the possibility of earning many points. 

If you place this tile with the triple letter or word tile and you overlap the letters to create the word QI twice, it can be an entire word that is worth more than 60 points!

If you're not feeling like making an attempt at one of these obscure words, a useful Q word without U could be AQUA (A tree of the tropical tropics). With 12 A tiles to choose from for the game Scrabble, It is a word accessible to you.