If you decide to move to another country for work or other reasons, it's important that you spend enough time online to browse the services of international moving companies. You should try to find the best international moving company in California to avoid a number of problems and accidents that you don't want to face on the day of your move. To get moving cost details you can call for a quote by visiting their website.

Find a reliable international moving service

  • You can reduce the demand for international moving services to those who have been in the business for at least a decade and have global skills. Note the following:

  • They must be certified by RIM or Registered International Movers.

  • You must be a member of OMNI or Overseas Movers Network International.

  • You must be a member of FIDI, the largest independent global alliance of quality moving companies, and you must be ISO 9002 certified.

  • They must provide you with appropriate testimonials from customers who have recently used their international moving services.

  • You're sure to get some great reviews online; however, don't rely on judgment alone; use it only as an aid in making a final decision.

  • They should provide you with insurance coverage. Find out what types of insurance they offer, what they do and what they don't, and ask for a copy of the insurance documentation.

If you reduce the number of suitable international moving companies, ask for quotes from at least three moving companies. You can fill out forms online and receive offers from your verified company that can ship your goods and furniture overseas.