Maintaining cannabis cuttings

Typically, your cuttings should be kept at a constant temperature between 20 ° C and 26 ° C and relative humidity of 90-100%. Relative humidity (RH) can be lowered slightly after the first two or three days, but should not drop below 60-70%.

For cannabis, certain conditions must be met for cloning to be successful. In addition, the three main subspecies of cannabis, informally known as "Sativa", "Indica", and "Ruderalis", can vary in terms of their requirements to some extent.

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Since most commercial strains are now highly hybridized and their genetic lineage is unclear, trial and error can be the best way to determine the individual needs of a particular strain.

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Be prepared to lose clones and pick up more clones than you think is necessary, even if you are not sure of the strain requirements.

Moisture, temperature, and mildew

Marijuana is prone to rot and mold, especially powdery mildew and botrytis (gray mold). Therefore, care must be taken to prevent mold from forming while maintaining a high enough humidity level to keep plant tissues hydrated and rooted.

Prolonged direct contact with the water itself (for example in an overly humid growing environment) also causes stem rot.

Resisting stem rot, either through a fungal agent such as botrytis or direct exposure to water, usually causes clones to be removed.

Maintaining consistently high humidity and consistently low to moderate temperatures also provide ideal conditions for mold growth.

Maintaining good airflow (a small fan is usually sufficient) helps solve this problem by removing saturated air and bringing clean, fresh air to brittle stems and leaves.