The management of workplace presence is an important feature of oversight at work. The expense of absenteeism is higher than the immediate payment of salary and benefits paid during the lack. 

Student attendance tracing software is therefore required, but the difficult thing is to choose based on what criteria you should choose the software suite. Organizations should also think of the indirect costs of staffing, scheduling, re-training, lost productivity, diminished ethical, turnover, and opportunity price. 

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This paper is meant to be a manual as opposed to an instruction manual or coverage. To create an attendance management application is really successful, it is going to require insight into the distinctive dynamics within your work area. Attendance is the responsibility of everybody, particularly people who directly handle the human resources of your company.

Attendance isn't simply an expectation; companies have the right to get decent attendance. Every employee has a contractual duty to attend work regularly. All levels of management need to consider in, be dedicated to, and communicate their expectations of excellent presence.

Employee attendance tracking should not be an administrative nightmare. Bid farewell to conservative and expensive ways of monitoring employee holidays and other time away.

1. The action of attending.

2. The men or number of men who exist.

3. The frequency by which an individual is present.

Attendance is the fact or act of attending (being current at) work. Additionally, attendance is utilized to specify the number of men present on a specific day on the job. An attendance policy provides the guidelines and expectations of employee attendance in the office as described, written, disseminated, and implemented by an organization