Bengal is a beautiful and exotic cat loved by so many people around the world. With their elegant movements and unusual complicated signs like having a part of the wild in your own living room. Staring at you with their green or golden eyes because they are a true leopard to be enjoyed by everyone of all ages. In my findings, these beautiful cats-cats are the same in behavior as your average home cat with normal trash box habits.

With colors ranging from snow that varies the shade background of a white cream with a light brown pattern, to brown which is a variety of degrees of rufus, gold, light brown to black-brown-brown color, and the new color received silver again white back ground with a black pattern , There are various degrees of other colors that have not been recognized, namely blues, chocolate. You can know more about Bengal cat breed via

Bengal cats are extraordinary cats to be owned and loved. They have extraordinary temperament while maintaining exotic beautiful patterns and unique characteristics for only Bengal cats. These creatures-creatures have some unique qualities for example they like water and have no problems jumping into the bathroom with you. And they like to walk around with a rope or take a car to shop. Especially they like very social people and like most of their cats are very entertaining.


Bengal cats range from very exotic ones closer to generation to their hybrid ancestors, Asian leopard cats are all ways to be tamed with exotic signs.

Bengal cats are the cross of Asian leopard and domestic cats. The most commonly used domestic cross is Abyssinian, want Egypt and Ocicat. This was done to preserve efforts to maintain amazing beauty of Leopard Asia cats. The first three generations called foundation cats.