There are many models to choose from, each with different functionalities and protection levels.

Respirators are easy to find in big-box stores and offer protection against noxious gases as well as particulates.

Escape Hoods Single-Use Masks that can be used to escape from a burning building. They last anywhere from 15 to an hour.

Full Face Gas Masks or NBC masks stands for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical. CBRN stands for Chemical, Biological Radiological, and Nuclear.

There are many good respirators and gas masks available online on Gas Mask Pro.

We are getting warmer here. Some respirators don't cover your face and could pose a problem if you are exposed to severe conditions. When someone else buys one, escape hoods can be cool. These can be quite expensive. They are an excellent investment if you live in a high-rise building, especially if your children are involved.

Dust masks are inexpensive and easy to locate. They can be used for dust removal or light construction.

Surgical masks are designed to keep blood out of the wearer's mouth or prevent the doctor from spreading germs to a patient.

Which of these masks is most useful? While there are some strong dust masks worth considering, surgical masks will not adequately protect your lungs.

Now we're getting to the good stuff. This is about as serious as you can get without having a scuba tank on your back. If your funds allow it, this is where you want to wind up: with a high-quality mask and lots of filters to go along with it.