Wooden materials are best to choose by the architects and homeowners as it is the trending material with a long-lasting life. Wooden houses look attractive and give warmth to the house. Most of the professional architects in Bareum (which is also known as "profesjonelle arkitekter i brum” in the Norwegian language) prefer to construct buildings of wooden material for the environment-friendly nature.


The wooden frame uses large poles and beams, the wooden elements have a much longer life than the typical 1×2 in houses – there are even buildings that are hundreds of years old. Also, wood gets stronger after some time as the wood dries and hardens.


Also, they are more resistant to strong winds, earthquakes, and heavy snow loads, and have a much lower replacement rate. If this is not enough, heavy wooden structures are much more fireproof than other types of structures. The benefits are enjoyed by the family generation.


Wooden houses are exquisite with their exposed wood, creative joinery, and countless possibilities for artistic decoration and offer builders the opportunity to demonstrate their craft.

Wooden construction

Many architectures have hands-on experience learning how to build an efficient, durable, and environmentally friendly home, several schools offer masons for beginners with little or no construction experience. 

Architects know how to build a traditional home and help bring those skills into the future and own a home that will last for your family for generations.