If you like foosball or air hockey, then you will like to play on the dome hockey table. This game combines fast back-and-four fast foosball actions with a hockey display. The dome hockey table even comes with a protective shell that makes the chip still contained. You can find best dome hockey table online

Tired of chasing a naughty ball around the game room or your backyard? It easily saves time and allows you to stay at the table where you are. Features such as electronic scores give you full arcade nuances. Some even have a variety of modes that allow you to change the way you play the game. 

The dome hockey table is very pleasant, but above it, they are not your run-of-the-mill game table. Many game rooms have the same standard games as those owned by others. Think about how your game space can be different. Dome Hockey can be a special game that is only enjoyed by your friends and family in your place. When people come, they will wait for it because it is a game that they don't play anywhere else. If you assemble the game room, try to branch into a special game table, such as a dome hockey table, to make your place stand out.

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If you have a business, such as bars, swimming pools, centers, or student centers, dome hockey tables operated with coins can help generate additional income. Practically anyone will try the game once, and Dome Hockey is a fun and unusual game that will definitely attract players. Conversion of unused space or under use somewhere for people to have fun and give you money. Like a foosball, the dome hockey table really only needs two sides that can be accessed to play, so the third side can sit flat on the wall to save space.