Swiss gold bullion is definitely one of the most popular gold investment options today. As you probably know, Switzerland has a special position when it comes to investing in gold.

The country has long been home to gold holdings by individuals and companies and has historically been considered a safe haven. It is also home to a number of metal refineries that provide gold bullion to collectors and investors. You can also buy gold bars in Switzerland online via

There are two main brands of Swiss gold bullion on the market:

The first is a Credit Suisse record. It is backed by the world-renowned bank Credit Suisse. These gold blocks are available in various weights (sizes). The most popular today is the 1 kg size.

To complicate matters, there are 2 types of Credit Suisse tapes: Cast & Minted. The accent is relatively simple. Here the gold is literally poured into a mold and then a seal is placed on the rod.

The second type is the strip cut. They have excellent coverage and markings, but they sell for a marked premium over the spot gold price.

Second known Swiss gold bar produced by PAMP.

All these gold blocks are carved and are true works of art. Nice to look at, they are collector's items in their own right. They contain symbols such as "Lady Fortuna" marked on the surface.

The surcharge for these bars is very high, so worth a try. As with Credit Suisse gold bullion, the manufacturer's reputation is wholly behind the product.

When buying these bars, make sure they come with a certificate of analysis. Buying Swiss gold bullion online is very easy and if you make sure the documents match the product you receive, you can buy with complete confidence.