If you're looking for a stylish and functional addition for your child's bedroom, try one of the many choices of kids night lights on the market. Choose a magical unicorn-inspired model like Miffy the Night Lamp, or an owl-shaped star projector, such as the Boon Glo. If your child doesn't like unicorns, you can also get a night light that looks like a unicorn as displayed on kidsroomaccessories.co.uk. These options will provide hours of entertainment, and you can choose from an assortment of colors and materials.

Miffy the night lamp is a Dutch legend of the 50's

Miffy the night lamp was created by a Dutch artist in the 1950s. She is a popular figure in children's lives and has become synonymous with safety and security. Her adventures encourage curiosity and positivity. Her name is Dutch, and means little bunny. In the Netherlands, Miffy is still known as Nijntje. Despite being a legend throughout the world, the culture of Miffy is unique.

Originally published in the 1950s, MIFFY has since become a legend, featuring over 200 books and an animated series. This unique lamp comes in the iconic mold of the famous character, and will brighten up a child's room, nursery, or kids' room. In addition to the storybook characters, Miffy also influences smiles across generations. Whether your children are young or old, Miffy's tales will inspire a lifetime of happiness, safety, and good sleep habits.

Unicorn the night light is a unicorn

If your little princess loves unicorns, then the Kids Unicorn Night Light is a great choice for her. She'll love the soft, squishy design and the nine different colors it changes. It also features a rechargable battery and can be switched on and off using a remote control. As a bonus, it's easy to clean and can be recycled after use. The Unicorn Night Light is also a great option for a child's room.

You'll be pleased to know that this beautiful unicorn night light is safe to use, and your child will love the magical glow it emits at bedtime. This USB rechargeable night light also comes with seven different color settings, a soothing and gentle glow, and a flashing feature to keep baby calm during nighttime. Designed to help children suffering from night terrors, the Unicorn is sure to make your little girl or boy dream!

owl night light is a light, sound machine and star projector

Designed to help children sleep, the Skip Hop wise owl emits a soft glow and plays soothing nature sounds, lullabies, and white noise. It can also project a star-filled ceiling. The unit plugs into a standard electrical outlet, and it measures about 5.51 by 4.5 by 6 inches. It is safe for children, and the batteries last for years.

This light runs on three AAA batteries, and a USB cord makes it easy to operate. Kids can use the remote to adjust the lights and the color of the star projections. Parents should monitor how much their children are using the remote to control the light. Parents should set a timer and turn off the spinning projector if it distracts them from falling asleep.

Boon Glo is a stylish addition to your child's room

The Boon Glo is an interactive night light that looks like an abstract coral. It has three arms, each holding a small phosphorescent ball. The balls can be removed independently and glow green in the dark. The lamps won't get hot and can be safely removed from the child's room. A great addition to any child's room! There are several different designs available to suit any child's taste.

The night light features six removable illuminated Glo balls. Each Glo ball has a slider that lets you choose any color you want. The light fades to dark after thirty minutes, helping kids fall asleep. It is 95% effective at keeping monsters out of a child's room! Kids can even remove the balls to go to the bathroom or the kitchen! This light is safe for both children and adults.

Wyatt the whale has 10 soothing lullabies and 10 soft ambient sounds

VTech's Wyatt the Whale features a storyteller voice, 10 calming lullabies and soothing ambient sounds. This neoprene whale projector reads lullabies and tells stories with soothing colors and light effects. It connects to your mobile device via Wi-Fi, so you can customize the settings.

You can customize the sound of Wyatt the whale through a dedicated app. You can choose between classical tracks, fairy tales, and children's songs. You can also choose to have the whale project a starry night scene or white noise, and it even has its own volume control. Your child will love this new addition to your child's room.

Amazon Echo Glow is a voice-activated smart lamp

The Amazon Echo Glow is a multicolored voice-activated smart lamp. The device can be controlled by voice commands or with the Alexa app. The device also has touch controls, which can be used to turn the light on or cycle through colors. Parents can set a rainbow timer to keep their kids on schedule. The lamp is also compatible with the Alexa Kids app, so parents can play music and set a schedule for their children.

The Echo Glow has several color effects, including flame-like flickering and strobes in various colors in sync with music. But perhaps the coolest feature is its "party mode," which strobes colors alongside music. This mode is limited to an area immediately around the lamp, so it isn't as impressive as some music-sync bulbs like the Philips Hue or Lifx. However, it does have some cool features, like the physical buttons to turn the light on and off.