Instant coffee is also known as soluble coffee. A beverage made from brewed coffee is called coffee beans. This allows people to prepare instant coffee quickly by simply adding hot milk or hot water to the powdered or crystals, and then stirring. 

Instant coffee is also available in concentrated liquid form. Advantages of instant coffee include speed of preparation, lower shipping weight and volume than beans or ground coffee and long shelf life. You can buy Nescafe instant coffee via

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Because instant coffee does not contain coffee grounds, it is easier to clean up and has been shown to have a lower environmental impact than other methods. Instant coffee is a type of coffee made from dried coffee extract. The extraction is prepared in the same way as regular coffee, but it is more concentrated.

After the extract has been brewed, the water is removed to create dry fragments or powder. These can be added to water to dissolve them. The major source of antioxidants in modern diet is coffee. Its high antioxidant content is believed to be responsible for many of its associated health benefits.

Instant coffee has many powerful antioxidants, just like regular coffee. According to one study, instant coffee may contain even higher amounts of certain antioxidants than other brews, due to the way it is processed. A standard cup of instant coffee has 7 calories, small amounts of potassium, magnesium and niacin (vitaminB3).