Maintaining your website is as important as maintaining your car or bicycle. If you don't maintain your website, your business online will not be able to run for an extended period, because your website needs to be updated with new material to ensure its ranking and popularity in search engines.

In this article, you'll find important information about how you can maintain your WordPress website with a WordPress upkeep agency. To improve the return on investment, this checklist of web maintenance to help you start.

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WordPress Versions Updates

After the creation of a website, updating WordPress to the most current and most recent version is an essential task. When the most recent versions of WordPress have been released users of WordPress receive an update notice via email also in your WordPress Administration Area.

WordPress Updates for Plugins

The WordPress Plugin will show an Update on the Dashboard screen, as well as an alert in the menu's title, and also on the page of the plugin. Click Update and follow the steps to update the WordPress Plugin.

Check for Broken Links

There are a lot of tools available online that identify 404 error messages (Broken links), Xenu is one of them. It can identify all images with broken links CSS, JS, as well as 404 pages.

Final Review

After completing all of the steps above for maintaining your website, examine the design and functionality of your website.