An eCommerce website is where you can sell your products and services online. Consumers can easily browse your products and buy them online. There are several built-in payment gateways that offer instant payment options. If you are looking for eCommerce services visit

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Here are some facts that prove the competitive advantage of the development of e-commerce:

  • About 67% of American millennials prefer online shopping.

  • E-commerce has grown by 300% in the last few years

  • Last year's US e-commerce revenue was approximate. $ 600-700 billion

  • Worldwide B2B sales are projected to reach more than $ 6.6 trillion by 2021

  • E-commerce sales are projected to reach $ 4.48 trillion by 2021.

  • By 2040, around 95% of shopping will be facilitated by e-commerce

Now let's look at the main benefits of being online:

1. Global presence

Unlike a physical store that is tied to a single location, your e-commerce business sits way beyond geographic boundaries. You can sell your product or service to anyone around the world. 

Consider Amazon, an e-commerce store that allows people in Australia and Canada to buy spices from Indian retailers. Even though Amazon is a marketplace, you can only shop with your products and services and sell according to your shipping options.

2. Better customer experience

The best part about developing e-commerce is the customer experience. You can give them all the support and details without having to interact directly. On the other hand, customers can easily buy/order products or services from the comfort of their own homes.