One of the most pressing issues in any learning environment is the variation of learning speed among the participants of the learning program. For their part, trainers cannot expect all participants to learn at the same rate, since there are always problem areas and certain factors that may either benefit a learner or actually impede the learning process.

Trainers and educators, however, are limited in their ability to remedy this situation in the way that the curricula or training program must be seen to the end and accomplished according to the plotted schedule, which precludes them taking time out of the regular schedule to guide the learners that are taking longer to learn the modules than the others, allowing them to catch up with the rest of the learning group.

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In some instances, instructors and educators who have a sense of duty take time out of their own schedule to train the learner who cannot keep up on their own time, just so as to allow the learner the benefit of being able to catch up to the others. Not all trainers, however, are as altruistic as this.

Most will not give any notice if any member of the learner group is not able to keep up due to one difficulty or another, since the goal of the exercise is to educate the group and not just an individual, making the needs of the group outweigh the needs of one or two members that cannot keep up.

As deplorable as this may sound, it is a reality, which is why more and more trainers and even educators are looking to elearning solutions to aid them in ensuring that all members of the learning group is able to achieve the desired learning goal at the end of the allotted time frame.