Do you have concerns about the impact of your actions on the environment? Are you seeking ways to be greener? The kitchen is an ideal location to begin an eco-friendly home movement. To create a more sustainable home, start in your kitchen, follow these helpful suggestions.

Make use of Dishtowels and reusable Napkins: When you're done with your dishes and want to wash your hands clean, you should consider what you are using. A lot of people will use paper towels to clean their hands and then throw them away. To work towards a greener and environmentally-friendly kitchen is to change to biodegradable wipes (also known as “biologisk nedbrytbare kluter" in the Norwegian language) and hand towels. 

If you are buying paper towels, be sure to look for brands that make use of recycled paper for towels. After all, they're going to go right back to the landfill.

Fair Trade Brews: If you enjoy the morning cup of coffee, think about purchasing and making the fair trade cup of your choice. Although most coffees are mass-produced or produced using non-organic processes, Fair Trade coffees work to "fairly" pay lesser-known stars for their time and their product.  

Say no to plastic: Whether you are taking lunch to work or refrigerating leftovers, think about getting rid of plastic bags and saran wrap, and replacing them with reusable containers like Tupperware. Reusing and using containers can cut down on the amount you waste and ensure that your sandwiches or leftovers from dinner last night are fresher for longer.