Hydraulic cylinders are known for their reliability under certain conditions. Of course, the long-term function of a hydraulic cylinder depends on how it is manufactured. 

Research has shown that a properly designed hydraulic cylinder, manufactured using the best manufacturing techniques, will function properly throughout its life without disturbing you. You can also get information about leading poclain spares in Australia online via www.athydraulics.com.au/product-category/poclain/.

What are hydraulic cylinders?

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This is only possible if the hydraulic cylinders are checked and maintained regularly. They know that hydraulic systems are just as complicated as maintenance.

Check bar bend and adjustment

Bent rods are very rare in hydraulic cylinder systems, as they can only be formed by structural defects. The cause of bent bars that often occur is the diameter of the rods that are too small or the installation position is wrong. 

Bending rods can also occur due to poor quality materials used to manufacture hydraulic cylinder systems. 

Cylinder tube expansion

The working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder has a great influence on the expansion of the cylinder tube. The balloon tube causes the seal to stop and the liquid to leak. 

If this problem is ignored, the efficiency of the hydraulic cylinder drops sharply. Therefore, cylinder tubes should be checked regularly to ensure maximum system efficiency.

Inspection and maintenance of all these parts ensure long service life and maximum efficiency of hydraulic cylinders.