The COVID, has accelerated the trend of work from home and has tremendously gained a lot of importance. It has drastically changed the overall working culture. Working from home is not easy , especially if you have a pooch at your house. Attending important zoom meetings, suddenly out of nowhere your pet starts barking at you or chewing your favorite sandals – feeling distracted at work. Now you must be thinking of the best possible way to keep your pooch always occupied? If you really want to keep your pooch always distracted, then you must buy the best licking mat for dogs via

The best solution for this is to give the best licking mats to your pooch. These mats have so far been considered the most convenient way to gain your dog’s attention. This enrichment toy will calm your pup's unwanted behaviours by encouraging the act of licking. And repetitive licking creates a fun challenge for him during meal time as they work to lick delicious goodies which promote long lasting treats, thus keeping him always occupied.This continuous licking increases the production of saliva which overall improves your dog’s digestive health. All you need to do is just simply spend a few bucks from your pocket, buy the best licking mat to keep him always busy when you are at work.

Another great advantage of using licking mats: you can place them anywhere in the house and can be easily frozen for longer enjoyment. Most importantly, these mats can be  easily cleaned into the dishwasher. You can clean them with the help of scrub brush and can wash these mats with soap and water.

If you work remotely , buying this cost effective treat mat will surely be a great investment for you.