Choosing your ceramic tiles might be the hardest part of your tile project. There are thousands of colors, sizes, shapes, values, and styles to choose from, such as ceramics, glass cut, metals, stones, and marble.

Make sure you rent a contractor to install the selected tiles correctly. The following are tips for ensuring your new tiles are installed professionally:

Find tile contractors. Ask your tile supplier for the names of professional tile contractors, ask friends and relatives that have been installed in their homes, or check the yellow page for professional local tile contractors.

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Receive estimates. Ask for several contractors to visit your home, measure the room or area you want to tile, and accept free estimates. Ensure installation and material costs, such as NAT, specified carefully in writing.

Ask about removal. Find out whether the contractor will remove the old material, if necessary, such as linoleum or tile. You can choose to do this to save money, pay an extra installer to complete this work, or hire someone completely different for removal.

Request a picture. For projects involving complicated designs or expensive ingredients, ask contractors for past work photos. It is important to find the contractor who has experience with an unusual installation project.

Request a reference. Ask the contractor for several names and telephone numbers of past customers. Call to ask about work and reliability.

After you receive all estimates, select the contractor with the best price combination and satisfied customers. Ensure that the contract clearly determines the material to be used, started and settlement date, cost schedule and payment. Save the payment schedule that is in harmony possible with the progress of the work and delivery of the material to the site.