With the recent discovery of magic mushrooms, this wonder drug has shown great potential in many areas from treating depression to creating novel tools for treating neurological disorders. 

Blue meanie magic mushroom is a type of psychedelic that is derived from the fungus Psilocybe cubensis. These mushrooms are known to contain several compounds that can have psychoactive effects.

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One of these compounds is psilocin, which has been shown to increase brain activity and improve cognitive function. In particular, psilocin has been shown to increase creativity and problem-solving skills.

There are a few studies that have examined the effects of magic mushrooms on cognitive function. One study found that magic mushrooms improved task performance and attention span in healthy volunteers. 

Another study found that magic mushrooms improved memory recall and task flexibility in healthy adults.

So far, there is evidence to suggest that magic mushrooms can boost your brain power. However, more research is needed to verify these findings.

The Benefits of Magic Mushrooms

1. Magic mushrooms have been used for centuries for their mental and physical benefits.

2. Their chemical compounds have been shown to increase brain activity and improve memory and creativity.

3. These effects are due to the way that magic mushrooms affect the brain's serotonin levels.

4. When serotonin levels are increased, it leads to a number of positive changes in the brain, including an increased ability to focus and think creatively.