It's no wonder that people are rushing to get their hands on the ball to lose the most fat they can! If it's to sport the teeny-weeny bikini, or slim down to be ready for the next bodybuilding competition The new trend has been all about Matcha Green Tea!

Matcha is a tea that, in one cup, offers the same amount of nutrients as 10 cups of regular green tea. It's an attractive green finely ground powder that was once utilized by early Chinese and Japanese monks to help them keep their minds sharp. You can buy this matcha green tea from the SuperTea Garden website.

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Apart from improving overall health like the reduction of "bad" cholesterol levels, anti-aging and cancer prevention benefits, matcha was a leader in delivering the numerous advantages:

1. As a METABOLIC BOOSTER: Matcha Tea helps burn calories and aids in building lean mass and burn off fat. It's the ideal companion to help you achieve your weight loss goals in a natural organic manner by raising your metabolism.

2. To maintain your energy, power, and confidence! Organic Matcha can help boost your vitality, energy, and a sense of power and speed up your release of natural energy. 

There's caffeine in Matcha however, it's slowly absorbed into bloodstreams and makes it more gentle on the stomach. It also assists digestion, cleansing, and healing.