What are mental health interventions? Mental health interventions are techniques or activities utilized to develop and assist individuals who suffer from mental health disorder(s). Mental health disorders are diagnosed as mental conditions.

These conditions can be behavioral, emotional, or drug-related. Some classifications of these disorders are attention deficit and disruptive behavior, mood, alcohol-related, cannabis-related, cocaine-related, hallucinogen related, etc.

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mental health conditions

When seeking help to better manage these disorders, a diagnostic assessment should be completed first. Once a diagnostic assessment has been completed, it is vital that you identify the appropriate professional to assist in the rehabilitation.

When providing interventions to individuals with mental health disorders, it is important to individualize the type of care provided. Special emphasis should be on the individual’s preference. It is important to capture the individual’s attention by making the interventions suitable to things that they can identify with.

In addition to properly diagnosing individuals with mental health conditions, there should be documentation identifying things of interest.

Example: What are some things that you like to do; what do you want others to know about you; what are some things that you are good at; what are your goals (short and long-term). Compiling this information along with the diagnosis is known as a Service Plan.

Service Plans are developed to set measurable goals for the individual, more commonly known as consumer or client. An example of a goal for someone suffering from anger issues would be: Client will reduce anger outburst to no more than twice a week by learning to appropriately identify and verbalize feelings of anger and frustration. This shall be as evidence of reports from the teacher, parent, and counselor.