Horizontal panel system formwork is used for slab construction, which usually consists of a series of interconnected intermediary spaces, independent supports or system scaffolding, and which supports multiple panels.

A number of lightweight modular formwork systems are available for the construction of most structures. They are suitable for all types of concrete frame construction. There are many companies that specialize in engineering design, development, manufacture, import, and marketing of molds for concrete casting.

Benefits of horizontal panel system formwork:

1) Lightweight components enable larger areas of formwork to be assembled.

2) Increased speed of construction.

3) Lightweight components and the highest engineering connection methods reduce the workforce requirement and increase onsite assembly.

4) The simplicity of assembly and disassembly of these modular systems reduces the requirement for skilled labor.

5) Basic assembly is possible with minimal crane use as components can be manually handled.

6) Total load requiring back propping is minimized due to the reduced weight of the formwork system.

7) The engineered individual components of the formwork systems enable precise adjustment to the formwork.

8) Good quality surface finishes are possible when appropriate site controls are used.

9) The systems can be used on sites with space and access limitations.

One should know these benefits before using such a system for construction.