We all have our ways to fight stress and anxiety. Some of us find that running is a great way to vent, others like to take a nice long walk, and some like to take a ride on their motorcycle. Motorcyclists have known the many health benefits of driving for more than a century, and now there is evidence to back up those claims.

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A recent neurobiological study by a team of researchers at the University of California confirmed that riding a motorcycle actually helps improve overall health. The study found that riding a motorcycle lowered cortisol levels, which is a marker of hormonal stress.

Some health benefits of riding a motorcycle are:

Increased Alertness

Riding helps you become aware of your surroundings. In fact, a UCLA study found that increasing alertness is similar to drinking a cup of coffee.

Increased heart rate

An average 20-minute ride increases heart rate by 11%, while adrenaline levels rise 27%. The results are similar to light exercise.

Stress Release

Riding a motorcycle decreases stress biomarkers by a whopping 28%.

Improved focus

Motorcycles improve sensory focus. When compared to driving a car, the results were similar for experienced meditators versus non-meditators.