Like most women, if you want to try natural fibroid treatments, you may already be dissatisfied with the treatment options your doctor offers you. Many advocate the "wait and see" approach, which is especially good if your fibroids are small and relatively asymptomatic. Or if you are about to enter menopause, when it usually wanes and symptoms subside. You can also buy best functional medicine spokane via

However, younger women or those with uncomfortable and anxious symptoms do feel that they do not want to live with the disease, but surgery rarely appears to be an attractive option for a variety of reasons – not least because it is not a permanent treatment measure.

It is believed that fibroids grow due to a combination of a number of factors with our unique makeup. What causes fibroids in one woman cannot happen in another because our genetics works more or less strongly in one woman as well.

These factors can complicate treatment and mean the only real way to shrink fibroids is to get rid of the cause in the first place. Although traditional medicine has limitations, natural fibroid treatments can be of great help in relieving symptoms and contractions.

Herbs fall into the category of natural medicine and many of them are useful in treating fibroids. When combined with other therapies, it can treat excessive bleeding and cramping, and even aid in noticeable contractions.

Sweet potatoes, ginger, and willow are naturally anti-inflammatory and can help reduce fibroid inflammation. Nettle, cinnamon, and yarrow infusions can help stop heavy bleeding if taken about 5 days before possible menstruation.