Enfamil manufacturer Mead Johnson is being sued by parents. Also, Similac manufacturer Abbott Laboratories is being sued by parents because their baby formula products can cause necrotizing enterocolitis in premature infants.

The risk was not disclosed to parents or medical professionals by the manufacturers. Therefore, to hire the nec baby formula lawsuit you can visit www.necformulalawsuit.com/nec-formula-lawsuits.aspx.

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NEC, a serious condition of the gastrointestinal system that can cause intestinal tissue death, may prove fatal in up to 50% of cases. It can cause intestinal inflammation, which may lead to holes in the intestine. Bacteria can get into the bloodstream and cause serious illness.

Parents who sued Mead Johnson, Abbott Laboratories Enfamil, and Similac said that there were no warnings or instructions regarding NEC in baby formulas. Despite the possible risks, these companies marketed their products as being safe and beneficial for preterm infants.

Parents can sue for financial and emotional losses as a result of their baby's death or injuries. For potential compensation, parents who have a premature baby diagnosed with necrotizing Enterolitis after receiving Similac or Enfamil may file a baby formula lawsuit.

It is possible that your baby was given Similac or Enfamil at the hospital. Your lawyer might be able to assist you if you're not sure. Be sure to include the hospital name and its location.

You may have given your baby Enfamil or Similac formula after your baby was discharged. For evidence purposes, lawyers encourage parents to retain any receipts, proofs of purchase, packaging, and boxes from the formula.