People often mistakenly think that treatment from a pain management specialist is simply a narcotic pain reliever. However, the practice of pain medicine or pain management is diagnosed, like any other medical specialty. 

Just as a person goes to a cardiologist to solve heart disease and receive treatment based on a unique diagnosis, a visit to a pain management specialist results in unique treatment because each patient with pain is different. You can get more information about pain management via Chicago Sports and Spine.

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The discipline of pain medicine is concerned with the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of pain disorders.

Like any doctor, the pain therapist must examine each patient and create a treatment plan based on the patient's symptoms, examinations, and other findings. 

For example, a cardiologist should first examine you and make some decisions. This includes deciding if your heart disease responds to weight loss and exercise, if you have high blood pressure and need medication to lower your blood pressure, or if your cholesterol is high.

Not all heart disease patients use the same drugs. It depends on the cause of the problem. Just as there are different ways to treat heart disease, there are different ways to treat back pain or orthopedic pain.

Although patients can go to a doctor to treat pain because they are injured as they can go to a cardiologist. Treatments for back pain or orthopedics vary, as do treatments for heart disease.