There are a variety of voice analytics technologies that can be used to boost sales. Some of the most common types of voice analytics include: 

1. Speech recognition: This technology enables a computer to understand the spoken words in a conversation and act on them accordingly. This can be used for things like automating customer service or making orders.

2. Voice biometrics: This technology uses sound analysis to identify individuals. This can be used for things like authenticating customers or tracking sales leads. You can also know more about call center speech analytics online.

3. Voice tagging: This technology assigns a unique label to each voice in a recording, which can then be used for things like marketing or customer support.

4. Voice search: This technology allows computers to search through recordings for specific spoken words. This can be used for things like finding information on products or services.

5. Voice authentication: This technology authenticates a user by comparing the user’s voice to an audio recording of that person. It can also be used for things like providing identification for individuals or security systems.

6. VoIP telephony: This technology uses a digital signal to transmit information over the Internet without using traditional telephone networks.

7. Wi-Fi: This technology uses wireless networking capabilities to create an ad hoc network among computers, allowing them to communicate with one another using digital messages.