Infrared saunas have been in our lives for a while now. They are the hot amazing detoxes everyone is raving about. A-list celebs absolutely adore this health-boosting and slimming treatment

It is unbelievably costly to build an infrared sauna in a spa or a salon, but buying and setting up a sauna blanket hardly costs anything. If you want to buy the best-infrared sauna visit

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With the affordability and the popularity of IR blankets skyrocketing there are a lot of questions that are asked and need to be answered: are infrared blankets safe? How does an infrared blanket work? How do I use an infrared blanket? These are all valid questions, so let’s start answering them!

Are Infrared Blankets Safe to use?

Yes, Infrared blankets are 100% safe. There is no chance of burning or damaging the skin in any way. Infrared rays are able to penetrate deeply and gently into the skin in a very non-invasive way to raise skin temperature and expel fat and toxins. Most importantly, however, there is NO UV radiation. Infrared and UV are very different things. The former is a health and beauty treatment and the latter causes skin damage that could even be fatal.

These are not your ordinary heating pads that can seriously dry out or burn the skin, and they do not have UV radiation that may cause sunburns and cancer. This is a well-researched and developed high-tech, full-body treatment that is safe and painless.

How Does an Infrared Blanket Work and What Are its Main Benefits?

Having dismissed any safety concerns, let’s look closely at the product itself. This is a head-to-toe treatment with many beauty and health perks. In addition to shredding inches, dramatically reducing cellulite, and overall beautifying the skin, the numerous health benefits are quite impressive. The sauna blanket is one of the best pain relief treatments out there today.

It is a cardiovascular workout system and can increase blood circulation and dramatically brighten the mood. Infrared rays can help your clients relax, boost their immune systems, normalize blood pressure, and even reduce tissue inflammation. It is a great detox that can effectively shred inches off the body and reduce cellulite. So, let’s look closely at the main benefits of this treatment for your patients:

It is an amazing pain relief therapy. Any painkillers can effectively relieve pain, but may seriously damage your health over time. The first organs to suffer from painkiller side effects are the liver and kidneys; plus, painkillers may be highly addictive. This is your way to really help your clients not only avoid getting hooked on pain pills but dismissing pain pills altogether.

IR rays emitted by the blanket can penetrate deep below the skin, reaching the bones. This kind of deep tissue engagement expands blood vessels, increases blood flow, relaxes muscles, oxygenates the skin, and pushes oxygen along to injured zones with its healing components. The physical therapists and doctors who deal with treating injuries with IR therapy on a daily basis report that there are reports of pain relief just 5-10 minutes after starting treatment.