Dogs can experience some anxiety when their owners leave. It may range from mild anxiety to panic depending on how the dog handles stress. This article will help you with the separation anxiety training of your dog. The dog displayed some signs of separation anxiety. 

They would start to follow you from one room to the next when they saw you go through by leaving a ritual. These were their signs that they were stressed. You may also notice other signs such as barking, howling, and drooling. To cure these disorders you need to consult separation anxiety training programs at before it becomes a serious problem.

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Initially, You only practiced leaving for a short time. It was about 10 minutes. Instead of getting too excited about going back and forth and becoming fussy, You can keep it simple and factual. Dogs are able to sense your emotions so you did not want to show sympathy or apologize for having to leave. 

When they got excited and were jumping, You didn't pay attention to them until they calmed down. After they calmed down, you would praise them and give them attention. If these things don't work then you need to urgently consult a behaviorist/doctor of dogs, who can help your dogs to get out of these disorders.