Skip tracing is the process of locating a missing person or property. Skip tracing tools can be used by law enforcement and private individuals to find people or objects. There are different types of skip tracing tools available, and each has its benefits and limitations. 

Skip tracing is a process that helps investigators track down assets that have been stolen or lost.REISkip Skip Tracing software for real estate investors and realtors is the best option .because it allows you to trace property and asset movements in real-time. This software is also user-friendly, so you can track your investments with ease.

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Here are a few free and easy skip trace tools for everyone to try:

1. Google Maps: This free tool allows users to input information about where they were when they lost contact with someone, and then see a map of their last known location. It can also be used to overlay other maps with user-provided information, such as traffic data or satellite imagery.

2. Facebook: Anyone with an account on Facebook can use the social media site's search feature to find friends who have been in touch with someone who's gone missing. Users can also post updates regarding the missing person, which may help generate leads or tips from the public.

3. Twitter: Using Twitter's search function, users can find tweets relating to the whereabouts of a specific person or topic. For example, if you're looking for information about a missing child, you could search for tweets about that child using specific keywords.