Disasters can attack anytime, so buying or building a disaster survival kit is always considered a good and practical investment. The disaster survival kit that is designed for any disaster situation is one type of survival equipment commonly used to provide sustenance and protection to someone or family if natural disasters or man-made. 

The content of the disaster survival kit must vary depending on the location of your home and the type of disaster that you will prepare. If you live in the southeast, then your place is more vulnerable to the storm. Countries in the Midwest region, on the other hand, are more likely to require protection from tornadoes and floods. 

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The northeastern part the vulnerable to snowstorms while the southwest usually suffers from a number of earthquakes and forest fires. Therefore, survival kits have a difference and must be broken according to your needs. Preparation must involve a careful analysis of possible situations and consider the possibility of the worst scenario. 

Always remember that disaster preparedness kits are not the same as survival equipment that you might do on the increase. It must be much broader in terms of completeness and its usefulness. In planning and designing a disaster survival kit, keep in mind that your kit must be able to survive at least for three minimum days.

Preparing your home and family for disasters is not as simple as storing your basement with canned foods and water. Instead, the first thing you have to consider for your kit is sanitation. If your kit does not contain equipment for sanitation, it should not be considered a disaster survival kit.