Discover the stunning natural beauty and the rich heritage of culture in Okinawa starting from the castle’s remains and heritage sites on the main island, to the remote coves, vibrant reefs, and crystal clear seas of Kerama as well as the Yaeyama Islands. Explore Okinawa on your way island by island, minute by minute.

The main island of Okinawa is the biggest and most populated of the gorgeous islands. It extends for over 100 km north-south as well as is surrounded by numerous small islands, a few of which are accessible through bridges. You can easily get ‘Okinawa tourism guidance’ (also known as ‘沖縄観光案内’ in the Japanese Language) on the internet if you are planning to visit there. 

Okinawa - The Hawaii of Japan - Travel Turtle

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From the breathtaking karst scenery and the thick forest in the north to the elegant seafront promenades in Chatan and the castle ramparts in places such as Shurijo Castle Park to the south. the terrain on the island’s main one is different between regions. 

The north is famous for Yambaru National Park, and the numerous luxury resorts that line the shores that lie in Onna Village. Central Okinawa preserves the country’s pottery culture and has oceanfront entertainment facilities. The south is the home of Ryukyuan heritage sites, WWII battlefields, as well as the capital city of Okinawa, Naha.

Okinawa’s islands Okinawa are as diverse as they are numerous and extend between the island’s main area in northern Okinawa to Ishigaki and beyond to the south. It is home to 160 islands that are large as well as small. 

Authentic Okinawan adventures are waiting for you with cultural treasures as well as outdoor adventures and amazing diving are just a few of the reasons to visit. Pick the right location for an unforgettable Okinawa adventure.