If you are looking for a dry flower bouquet then there are many online stores where you can have a look and purchase them. Dry flowers are something that a person can place in his/her home for a long time. So gifting a dry flower bequest to someone is a great idea.

You can purchase a ‘bouquet of dry flowers via https://dryflwrs.de/trockenblumenstrauss/ (also known as ‘trockenblumenstrau via https://dryflwrs.de/trockenblumenstrauss/in the German language) and many other online stores. A naturally dry bouquet filled with various flowers and hay. It can be sent anywhere in the country.

The lovely bouquet of dried flowers is the perfect gift for someone (or for yourself!) Who makes little or no fuss about their care, as they need no water, just a nice vase to sit on.

As this is a natural product, each stack is unique and may differ from the images shown. The suppliers use a combination of dried flowers such as eucalyptus, wheat, static, strawberry and others.

This setup is complemented by a blue glass vase. the dry flower bouquet is made with 100% natural products, no chemical used.

You can choose a bouquet size according to your need. 

Please note that the dried flowers are very delicate and there will be several. Please treat them with love and care! Avoid direct sunlight, water, or stains with high humidity to prolong the life of your dried flowers.