A wet bag is a waterproof bag for storing wet things. Useful for far more than wet nappies, they can be used for swimming gear, storing away those clothes covered in the various gloops of babies and children. With two you’ll be all set. 

Wetbags are fantastic for using cloth when out and about – just throw in the used nappy and the wet bag will keep the smell and wetness out of your handbag/nappy bag. A wet bag when you are out and about is essential. It’s a reliable way to carry about dirty nappies and so much less wasteful than using a plastic bag every time.

Using a wet bag makes travelling easier, it contains smells as well as hides soiled nappies in gorgeous colours and prints.  You can also check this site www.waladi.com.au/waterproof-wet-bags/ to know more about wet bags online.

Wetbags are reusable washable bags used to carry soiled cloth nappies when out and about. Wetbags have a water-resistant inner (usually PUL) to keep moisture in, and they may have plain or fashionable outer prints.

Some wet bags close with a drawstring, while most have zipper closures to keep smells in. Using wet bags instead of plastic waste bags will help keep waste down and are more convenient to use and wash with a modern cloth.

Wetbags also look prettier than plastic. The main benefit of using a wet bag is that it can be used over and over again. Biodegradable bags frequently used do not break down if sent to landfills. Wetbags are great to take when swimming, they come in a variety of sizes and colours and additional features can include handles and snaps to hang over a changing table.