These machines are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. Snowplows can be operated on electricity, gas, or diesel. They are effective if the snow is unaffected and removes loose snow.

Sometimes they are used together with snow plows. A snowblower can be used to remove loose unopened snow, while the rest is removed manually with a shovel or you can also hire residential snow removal in Edmonton. This provides a clean and attractive plowing and greatly reduces the burden on snowblowers or homeowners.

residential snow removal

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Unlike snow throwers, which forcibly push snow forward or sideways, snow throwers are used to divert snow to other areas. Some machines have manual controls that allow the user to determine where the snow should go when using the machine. These machines are classified as single-stage or two-stage.

Single-stage devices use a single high-speed plastic or metal blade which acts as an impeller. This forces snow into the engine while it is being moved from the slide. An impeller, also known as a "fan," usually consists of two edges that are curved in a shape similar to a paddle.

Two-stage fans have one or more metal screws. They run at a slower speed and are used to break snow before being forced into higher speed wheels. Impellers guide the snow through the slide like a single-stage fan, but with more power.