Authorities estimates indicate that approximately 40 percent of home invasions and break-ins happen without needing to break anything that is, no drive is needed to obtain entrance to the house. You can find the best window locks – high-tech security solutions across Sydney.

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Does this surprise you?

Consider your home. How many exterior windows and doors do your house have? Can you suitably shut all of them when you go to work? Think about at night before going to sleep?

Home invasion has turned into a frequent offense nowadays. In the beginning, a house invasion will give you a reduction of precious, or maybe precious and sentimental property.  

To prevent house invasions, and also to tighten the safety of your house, you need to therefore take the appropriate care in locking windows and doors around your residence. A few important things you may want to consider are:

Sliding windows: A Burglar invite

Most old versions of sliding dividers are a cinch to remove – even when they're locked. You could most likely do it yourself – simply spend the window off its framework.

What exactly should you do?

Contemplate not installing sliding doors whatsoever in those sections of your home which will be readily obtained from outside. 

Sliding doors must be secured using grills where possible.

Always lock doors correctly Once You head outside:

If, by way of instance, your doorway has a bend and a deadbolt, be certain that you lock the deadbolt, rather than only a latch.  

Locking windows and doors may often be a tiresome endeavor. But remember that such tiresome activities might save your precious possessions from possible home invasions. Better be safe than sorry.